Monthly Archives: June 2013



Hi all!

Whew, I know it’s been forever! I have been SO overwhelmed with exams and end-of-year events and auditions and appointments that, honestly, I haven’t even thought about this blog for a month! Well, I’m back (though not for long — our family will be leaving on a month-long vacation out of the country in July, so the flow of posting will be again interrupted for a little while). I have a few great posts in store, but I’d like to start with today’s long-overdue STTA:

What is one thing that makes you think “summer?”

Okay. So many things, but the first one for me would be the smack-smack sound of walking in flip-flops. There is just nothing that says “summer” more than that. Others would be the smell of chlorine and sunscreen, and eating juicy watermelon. Oh, yes. I’m getting excited just thinking about summer on the way! How many of you are on your break already? And how many are still in school? (Like me, UGH — but only for a week more! Hurray!) What are your plans for the summer? 🙂