STTA #11


What was the weirdest/craziest/funniest dream you’ve ever had?

I personally love when this topic of conversation comes up, probably because I have SO many totally bizarre dreams that are so funny to share. But this is the one I remember most vividly: I was standing in the front of a gym that was filled with monkeys. Yes, monkeys. The room was packed wall-to-wall (-to-ceiling) with monkeys. I was standing on a podium at the front of the gym and trying to raise my voice over the chattering and screeching of the hundreds of crazed monkeys. I was, for some strange reason (or for no reason at all), teaching them how to do the chicken dance. “Okay, now, everyone. Flap your wings and wiggle your behinds!” I was demonstrating the moves as I spoke, but all the monkeys were climbing all over each other and screaming and basically not paying attention. At all. Just as I was beginning to get desperate, Tarzan swung in on a vine (out of nowhere), pounding his chest and hollering, and scooped me up and saved me. “Bye!” I shouted, waving at all the monkeys, who were staring up at me, silenced, perhaps wondering how the heck Tarzan got in there. Then my dream ended (perhaps before we slammed into a wall and died – ever notice how your dreams always seem to end right before something really bad happens?). Just in case you’re starting to think I’m a lunatic, let me remind you that I was asleep and my perfectly sane brain would not have been able to conjure THAT one up any other way. Now, I’m dying to know – what was the strangest dream you’ve ever had? Feel free to leave a comment below!


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