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I wrote this poem over a year ago. It describes the beauty and the power of music. Music has been a huge part of my life, and of myself, for as long as I can remember. I am never quite so happy as when I am singing in choir or playing the guitar, giving a voice to the song in my heart and sharing my gift with others. I have a passion for creating beauty, which is why I love writing, and why I love music. This poem combines my love for both.


It is more powerful than words, for it weaves complex tales of love and loss without uttering a single word.

It is more effective than medicine, for it can heal the deepest wound, outside or in.

It is more healing than any amount of repose, for it eases all aching hearts and brings rest to the souls of the weary.

It is better than a scrapbook of memories, for it can reach into the depths of one’s heart and retrieve all good times gone by.

It is older than the most ancient of kings, for it has played through the centuries and has left its mark upon time.

It is better than the best of friends, for it listens and understands in a way unlike that which any human being is capable of.

It is more comforting than a mother’s gentle touch, for once it has touched a heart, it remains throughout a life.

It is stronger than the thickest cord, for it is composed of many intertwining melodies complexly weaved together which cannot be broken.

It is more natural than the greenest plant, for it reverberates through the very surface of the earth itself.

It is more beautiful than the loveliest gem, for its radiance is everlasting.

Music: an element in itself.