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Here is where I will post interesting and thought-provoking quotes and analyze them. I am constantly adding to my list of favorite quotes and I hope that this category will inspire you. Please comment with your favorite quotes – I would love to hear them!

Quote of the Day #4


“In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life: it goes on.” ~Robert Frost

I just about cried when I came upon this one. It is so true. Sometimes, it may seem hard to believe it, but life will go on, no matter what happens or how things turn out. Right now, my life has become more than a little bit hectic and utterly chaotic, nothing like the simple, harmonious lifestyle I was accustomed for the previous few years, before all the craziness began. Lately, I have been faced with higher expectations and more responsibility than ever before, both at school and outside of school, and I have been faced with choices that have will require me to make sacrifices and to venture out of my comfort zone, big time. My life is teetering on the brink of change, and sometimes I feel that way, too: like I am teetering dangerously close to the edge of a cliff, about to be swallowed up by all the decisions and responsibility and change in my life right now that threaten to consume me.

I have never felt more uncertain. I have no idea what the future holds for me, or how my life will be affected because of the choices I make. I have not been happy lately. In fact, if I could describe how I’ve been feeling, it would be tired. Tired of school, of responsibility, of decisions, of everything.

It’s easy, I think, to become completely swept up in what’s happening in our lives on a day-to-day basis, and get really worked up over things, whether it’s major or something not-so-major that just seems life-impacting at the time. I’ll admit it; I’m a worrier. I freak out over little things, like, say, forgetting my homework, or the test I have coming up in a week that I don’t feel at ALL ready for (even though I am; this has happened to me on several occasions). I worry, and worry, and worry, and worry, and worry… Last year, I was staying up until eleven o’clock on an almost nightly basis, trying to get everything done. I’m a TOTAL perfectionist, and I couldn’t sleep knowing I had done any less than my very, very best. So I got everything done, but I was tired all the time, and I wasn’t happy. I was too stressed to be happy. There were times when I literally felt like the world was going to end if I didn’t get everything done, and perfectly, to the best of my ability.

It was then that my mom sat down with me and told me something. “Olivia,” she said, “it’s very good that you always strive to do your best, and it’s good that you work so hard, but sometimes you just have to be able to say ‘it’s good enough.'”

I thought about that, and it really changed the way I viewed my life. My daily life changed: I would come home from school, do as much as I could, and then if I still wasn’t finished at eleven o’clock at night, I would put the pencil down and say to myself, “Good enough for today.” I was a much happier person from then on, and even though I didn’t always get everything done, I didn’t feel like the world was actually going to come to an end. It helped me to realize that some days, it’s just impossible to be able to get everything done — there are times when you just have too much to do — and it helped me to see, most importantly of all, that life rolls on, no matter what is happening around you. There are times when you might feel so stressed and overwhelmed and tired that you just don’t think you can go on. But life goes on, and so will you. You WILL live to see another day.

Sometimes, I realized, you just have to let go of all control, and let time pass.

This quote, so simply and matter-of-factly stated, awakened an inner calm inside me, a voice of reason against the crazy chaos of everyday life — and the giddy joy that comes with relief and realization. Life goes on. 

If there are any of you out there who feel the same way as I do about life right now, well, hold on, and know that life rolls along, no matter what happens. Stay strong…and try to R-E-L-A-X! (I’ll try to do the same.)


Quote of the Day #3


“A two-year-old is kind of like having a blender, but you don’t have a top for it.” ~Jerry Seinfield

Okay, I have nothing to say on this one. It’s just funny. (Fine – it’s REALLY funny.) Haha, I am laughing out loud right now! This is so true! Actually, thinking about it, this can also apply to puppies, and rambunctious little brothers… 😉

Quote of the Day #2


“All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.” ~Walt Disney

I think this quote is just perfect for the New Year, as we make our resolutions and set our goals of what we plan to accomplish in the coming year.  What makes dreams so wonderful? Well, dreams are safe. In a dream, anything can happen, no matter how splendid or just plain unrealistic it is, but it tends to leave out all the hard work and determination necessary to follow that dream. With no sweat or perseverance at all, our hearts’ desire is handed to us on a silver platter. We get to experience all the glory and joy of a dream come true, without any of the hard work to get there. Let’s face it: that sounds pretty nice! If only all dreams were that easy to accomplish…

Wait a second. Reality check: no dreams can be achieved without any work at all. Nada. None. All dreams require guts, and test your courage and persistence through hard work. This fact is scary to some people. Some people are intimidated by the thought of the dedication required to follow their dreams, even if it is a cause they believe in, and are then scared away before they begin. Walt Disney was a smart man. He recognized the truth that, if we are unable to give our very all towards making our dreams come true, there is no way that it’s ever going to happen. If we truly believe in it, we will find a way to achieve it, no matter how crazy, unrealistic, or out-of-this-world it is. So dive in, and find a way to accomplish your dreams today! You can do anything you set your mind to, people. 🙂

First Quote of the Day!


Hi everybody! This section, Quote of the Day, is brand-new and I am so thrilled about it! There are so many smart people and good quotes out there, and I can’t wait to share my favorites with you.

“There is nothing in the world so irresistibly contagious as laughter and good humor.” ~Charles Dickens, A Christmas Carol

I just love this quote. And I also happen to love this book, A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. If you haven’t read it, I recommend it; it is a beautiful holiday classic that is sure to put you in the holiday spirit.

Anyway, back to the quote. I believe this to be absolutely true. This is a wonderfully recurring message, especially at this time of year, as the stress level rockets up as people scramble to finish their Christmas shopping and drop last-minute gifts in the mail. I think people tend to forget the true meaning of the holiday season – peace, love, and joy. Negativity and “bah humbug” isn’t a part of it.

Of course, it is hard to manage the stress level when you are the one responsible for making sure all the relatives have a place to sleep and a delicious Christmas dinner on the table. So help Mom and Dad out this year, and spread the message of peace and joy this season. Offer a helping hand and set the table, make the beds, or help put the lights up – and smile! If you are positive and upbeat during this most stressful time, it will help to ease everyone’s anxiety and spread the joy of this beautiful time of year.

Here’s another thought: while you are safe and warm and well-fed under a roof, there are other people who will be alone for Christmas this year. There will be people who don’t have enough to eat or warm clothes to wear. And there will be people without friends with whom they can share the Christmas spirit. So this holiday season, be on the lookout for those people who may not be as fortunate as you. Practice simple acts of kindness that will help others to see the true meaning of the season. Hold the door for an elderly person. Donate your old winter coat to a homeless shelter. Grin and say hi to the girl who sits in the back of the classroom, with no one to talk to. Though these simple actions seem like small efforts, never underestimate the power of a smile or a kind word. Truly, they never go unnoticed – and they can, in some cases, make someone’s whole day. By letting other people know that you care about them, you are implanting seeds of joy and love in the hearts of all those who get to witness your kind efforts this Christmas, and always. Good spirit truly is contagious! Sharing laughter and joy is the best gift you can give this season, for they open others’ eyes to the Christmas spirit, and help them to find the magic in this most beautiful holiday.

There are two types of people in the world: “glass half-full” people and “glass half-empty” people. You can be a “glass half-empty” person, and become so overwhelmed with all the tasks that absolutely need to get done right this instant that you  forget about treating others with love and kindness, and become blind to all the wonderful, blissful things in life. Or you can shift the focus, smile often, and spot the beauty in all aspects of life, and help others to spot the beauty in themselves. What kind of person will you be?